The College Assistance Plan

With college costs rising at an alarming rate and families only able to save an average of $2,600 per year for college, families are concerned about how they’re going to pay for college.

CAP Advisory Services is proud to offer the College Assistance Plan, our answer to the growing need families have for assistance with the college process. With roadmaps for each grade, financial aid information, help with interviews and job searching, and much more, the College Assistance Plan guides families through one of the most difficult and confusing process they will face.

The College Assistance Plan is an employee benefit that is accessed through the company’s intranet. This high-value resource helps parents and students lower the cost of college. With the College Assistance Plan, more students are able to graduate on time, with less stress, less disruption, and less debt.

CAP Advisory Services

The CAP Advisory Services team has 80+ years of combined experience and expertise that saves time and money. Our unique service, the College Assistance Plan, is the only site that provides all of the college information that you need in one place. We provide all of the hosting, monitoring, and reporting you need, as well as marketing and on-going educational communication tools.

Steve Day

Chief Marketing Officer / CMO

Steve had a 30-year career at MetLife. As Senior Vice President of MetLife’s career agency system in the United States, he had responsibility for over 100 agencies and 5,000 financial service representatives, with a total of 8,000 employees producing over 1 billion dollars of gross dealer concessions per year. After 30 years with MetLife, Steve co-founded CAP Advisory Services with his colleague Phil James.

Phil James

President / Chief College Officer / COO

In 2004 Phil co-founded College Assistance Plus, a personal consulting firm that has helped thousands of families navigate the college process. These 13 years of experience led to the development of the College Assistance Plan, a high-value, low-cost, comprehensive college benefit.

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